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Seniors Aging OUT

Intergenerational Community Guide

Activities, Resources and Workshop slides to show how Intergenerational Practice creates the potential for all-age individuals to collectively demonstrate that it's not right to mistreat any age group.
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Spread the Word Guide

A guide for coordinating consistent messaging across the CRNs in BC during major events on adult abuse and neglect.
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Gatekeeper Training Program

Presented here are the materials for the Gatekeeper Training Program developed by the BC Association of Community Response Networks.

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The Community Response Network Tool Kit (Revised 2016) 

This Tool Kit and Companion Slides cover all aspects of developing and maintaining successful Community Response Networks.  August, 2016

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"Raising the Profile Project"
Raising the profile and celebrating the value of community-based seniors services in BC.
Presented by Marcy Cohen, Project Team Lead
May 16, 2017
Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00
The Raising the Profile Project (RPP) is identifying the importance of community-based seniors' services and making recommendations about innovative ways to ensure the long term capacity of the sector to meet the rising and increasingly complex needs of seniors in BC now and in the future.

Guest Speaker, Marcy Cohen, has been involved in social justice issues in both a professional capacity and as a volunteer.  She has worked on issues related to home and community care restructuring, health system innovation, gender equality, and on policies to improve access to government services for disadvantaged populations.  She has become increasingly interested in health prevention and promotion strategies that support seniors' health and independence.

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