Intergenerational Community Guide

Activities, Resources and Workshop slides to show how Intergenerational Practice creates the potential for all-age individuals to collectively demonstrate that it's not right to mistreat any age group.
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Spread the Word Guide

A guide for coordinating consistent messaging across the CRNs in BC during major events on adult abuse and neglect.
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This program is for any individual, agency, or community service provider who has regular, ongoing contact with adults as part of their daily routine.  Learn how to spot the signs of abuse and neglect, and how to refer the individual to help.  Book your free presentation or workshop now!

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The Community Response Network Tool Kit (Revised 2016) 

This Tool Kit and Companion Slides cover all aspects of developing and maintaining successful Community Response Networks.  August, 2016

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Metro Vancouver Crimestoppers Executive Director Linda Annis will present Crime Stoppers Elder Abuse and Awareness Program

 "See Something, Say Something"

The program will provide seniors with a safe and anonymous method to report suspected abusive behaviour.  Learn how the program addresses the need to expand awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse, domestic violence, bullying, fraud, the boundaries of consent, and what to do if consent is breached.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
10:30 a.m. - 12:00

Presentation Materials

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