Legal Remedies for Financial Abuse and Crime Project

The BC Association of Community Response Networks, is very pleased to have received funding from The Law Foundation of BC for this project. The Legal Remedies project delivered specific interdisciplinary training for CRN members and those who work with situations of financial abuse or crime. The project provided necessary legal education and increased relationship opportunities to support more effective and innovative community responses to financial abuse and crime. This educational and networking opportunity was offered to CRN members, community and government agencies, designated agency staff, police, lawyers, notaries, financial institutions, and the business community.


Training Plan

Workshops on Legal Remedies for Financial Abuse and Crime against vulnerable adults were offered in communities throughout BC. Sessions were delivered over two years led by a core group of presenters but also, as much as possible, included local resource people as presenters. Those people included Designated Agency and financial institution staff, police, lawyers, CRN Coordinators and Mentors among others.

Impact of the Workshops

Project Management

Two members of the CRN Mentor’s Team, Kathy Doerksen and Yvonne Kennedy, managed the project. The Executive Director of the BC CRN Foundation, Alison Leaney, was part of the advisory committee that assisted in preparation and implementation of the project. The project ran in 2005 and 2006.