Gatekeeper Program

The Gatekeeper Program was developed by Ray Raschko, M.S.W., and Francie Coleman, M.S.W. in 1978 when Raschko had the idea to reach out to people who were in regular contact with older adults (e.g. postal workers, beauticians and other community service providers, etc.), to invite them to make confidential referrals to the mental health agency, that would then be followed up.

Gatekeeper is considered a best practice for identifying vulnerable adults, and connecting them to critical community services, and has since been adapted all over the world.

BC CRN has adapted Gatekeeper as one of its feature workshops to assist communities with recognizing the signs of abuse and neglect and then correctly and respectfully referring these individuals to the appropriate agency.

Gatekeeper can also work together with the It's Not Right! program.
Learn how by downloading the BC CRN Program brochure.                                   

Learning Objectives of the Program
Who the Program is For?

Any individual, agency, or community service provider who has regular, ongoing contact with adults as part of their daily routine.

Fees: There is no cost to book a workshop or to participate. We will work with you to organize your session and provide all materials.

Booking a Gatekeeper Workshop

Contact your Regional Mentorlocal Community Response Network (CRN), or the Gatekeeper Program Coordinator ( to book a session for your group or organization.


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